Butterfly Outdoor Tables

Butterfly Outdoor Tables

Butterfly Table Tennis - Living outdoor table tennis

Mr. Tamasu is convinced that Butterfly table tennis keeps people young and physically fit. " Butterfly table tennis really is a lifelong sport and it is ideal specially for older people", he adds. This view is also shared by the company management team, along with CEO Shunsaku Yamada (since 2005), who carries this motto all over the world to this very day. There is almost no country to be found which does not have fantastic relations with Butterfly table tennis.

This relationship and peace mean the world to Mr. Tamasu. Due to his observations of the Japanese during WW II he deliberately chose Butterfly table tennis as company name because this stands for peace, spring time and joy.

Butterfly Table Tennis - Since 33 years in Moers

Tamasu Butterfly table tennis Europe was founded in Moers, Germany in the year 1973. Since then it has been contributing to the firm's worldwide success and domination. The company subsidiary works with representatives from all over Europe. The Butterfly table tennis sub-company creates new product collections including accessory products, as well as various other Butterfly table tennis tables, which are sold all over the world.

Butterfly Table Tennis has a Focus on young players

Two of the most promising young European players to come onto the scene in recent years, Timo Boll and Michael Maze, have long term contracts with Butterfly table tennis. Many European coaches will support Mario Amizic to find more talented players for Butterfly table tennis. Japan's ambition to climb back to the top ranking bore fruit due to the extensive focus on young players. Among others, the most uprising athletes who lead the way are Mizutani, Kishikawa, and Takakiwa. Apart from those youngsters Butterfly table tennis has many experienced world class players, such as Zoran Primorac, Werner Schlager, Christophe Legout, Zhang Yining, and Tamara Boros.

Butterfly Table Tennis - Quality and service

Butterfly table tennis rubbers and blades are certainly Butterfly table tennis's main product, but also in other fields, such as textiles, accessories, tables and many more. Butterfly table tennis offers a extensive array of high quality equipment. "Quality and service come first" is Butterfly table tennis's motto.

Butterfly Table Tennis - Work on the future

The table tennis industry is obviously aware of the decreasing number of players. Still, table tennis is an attractive game for kids and adolescents. Associations, clubs, and the industry, but also professional clubs and players are asked to stop this negative trend. Butterfly table tennis supports this point of view which can be summarized in three important keys:

"Service": Tamasu Co. is determined to continue contributing for further development of the sport.

"Technology": Research and Development of table tennis equipment in the new Butterfly table tennis Technical Center

"Planning": Every staff will be involved in planning the annual achievement of the Butterfly table tennis company and in sharing the same objectives.

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